Q: I just had my driveway paved. When should it be sealed?
A: We recommend sealing your new asphalt driveway 60 to 90 days following installation.

Q: How long should I wait to use or drive on my new asphalt driveway?
A: In most cases, 2 days is sufficient. We also recommend that you hose down the driveway frequently.

Q: Why do I see scuff marks on my new driveway?
A: Scuff marks may occur from turning the wheel of your vehicle. This is a normal occurrence that will disappear over time.

Q: How can I prevent the edge of my asphalt from fraying?
A: There are all types of edging, or curbing, available to prevent asphalt from fraying. Speak with your contractor about your options.

Q: How long should I wait before driving over my new concrete driveway apron/entrance?
A: We recommend waiting 4 – 7 days before driving over your new concrete apron to allow it to cure properly.

Q: I have noticed cracks in my concrete walkway. What could cause this?

A: There could be several reasons why your concrete walkway shows cracks, including, improper installation, poor quality material, or improper installation of expansion.

Q: Why is my concrete driveway pitting after the winter season?
A: Pitting is most likely caused by using salt. We do not recommend using salt on new or older concrete. The better choice would be to use calcium chloride or similar ice melt products.

Q: How can I prevent the joints of my pavers from washing away?
A: We use a product called Sandlock. Sandlock binds joint sand in the joints of interlocking concrete and clay brick pavers or stone sets. A natural “glue” is formed when Sandlock is activated with water. This will prevent sand loss due to wind, traffic, surface moisture or thermal movement.

Q: My paver patio has settled in some places. What can I do?
A: The benefit of a paver patio over a concrete patio is that we can easily re-set the paver by removing the individual paver, re-stoning and set it in sand.

Answers to common questions about your asphalt driveways, concrete work and stone pavers.

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